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Jesse James affectionally known as J.J. to friends and close associates has a unique soulful sound. Born in Louisiana, Jesse's singing ability was recognizable at an early age when he began clapping and praising God along the side of his mother in church.


His family moved to California when he was very young. After literally singing his way thru school he accepted his first professional singing engagement at the " Makesmo", a popular night club in Richmond, California. That is where Jesse's singing style and flavor earned him constant bookings and respect as a professional recording artist, composer and entertainer.


Working with the late great Hosea Wilson who was the National Promotion Director for 20th Century Records, Jesse enjoyed the success with his first major release "Believe In Me Baby", he quickly became a hot ticket and made believers out of a lot critics. The hit record " I Can Do Bad By Myself" launced a new chapter in Jesse's career.


In 1988 Jesse formed his on Atlanta base company

"Gunsmoke Records" label and released his first cd 

"I Can Do Bad By Myself" which sold over one million copies that included great hits such as ZZ Hill "Cheatin In The Next Room", also a remix on the cd 

"I Can Do Bad By Myself". He then released a cd called "Versatility" which included a past collection of recordings which was a huge seller overseas. 

Jesse's third album at his Gunsmoke Record Co. dealt with social-economic issues with songs such as

"What Happened To The Dream, Something To Believe In, Were Gonna Make It, & Where's My Mommie".


He went on to record his fourth cd entitled "It Just Don't Feel The Same", the song "At Last" really show case Jesse versatility with soulful, gospel and R&B sounds. It's no surprise that Jesse would pay tribute to his roots in the gospel song. "The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life" for blues lovers he feature "Millie Jackson" on the remix cd, "It Just Don't Feel The Same".


Jesse James followed with a fifth cd release titled 

"It's Not Bad After All", this cd was one of his best yet; Jesse continues to reinvent himself with his continuous determination proving he has staying power. This cd "Let Me Be Your Pacifier" & "You Want Everything But Me". 


His Sixth cd " Get In Touch With Me" featuring the thoughtful " It's Time For A Change, If He Can't Hold His Pants Up-How Can He Hold You Up", title track 

"Get In Touch With Me" the next song for his son and grandson whom both passed away due to street violence called "It Doesn't Seem Like Xmas To Me".


His Seventh cd titled "Do Not Disturb" featuring "Millie Jackson", this is a moving cd, the first song is called "Let's Get A Room Somewhere, "At Last" a remix of " I Can Do Bad By Myself ", "Are You Gonna Leave Me" & " If He Can't Hold His Pants Up-How Can He Hold You Up " and the title track " Do Not Disturb".


In 2014 Jesse released his eight cd "I Lost My Baby On Facebook" a song that deals with technology and how it plays apart into today's romantic break ups, this cd includes hits " Why Do You Have 2 Lie ", " Can I Still Be Your Friend ", the Trayvon Martin story " Hate Will Destroy The World", " God's Got Your Back", " Sexy Booty " and title track " I Lost My Baby On Facebook ".






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